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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read before contacting us.

What number do I call to schedule my appointment and do you have same day openings?

Please call (772) 800-7350 to schedule your appointment. Hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 5 pm.

You may also submit an appointment request online by clicking the Appointment Request links. You will be contacted to confirm your request. We do have some same day appointment availability.

Where do I get my labs drawn?

You can either schedule and appointment to get them drawn at Employee Wellness, P.A. located at 2030 SE Ocean Blvd. Stuart, FL 34996 or you may visit any Quest Laboratory location. Click here to find location

What are the steps to completing my work physical?

Please call (772) 800-7350 to schedule your fasting lab draw. (“no eating or drinking after midnight”)

You may also submit the Appointment Request Form. Upon submission you will be contacted to confirm or edit your request.

Note: You will also be scheduled for your work physical the following week.

What are the steps to completing my HRA?

Please call (772) 800-7350 to schedule your fasting lab draw. (“no eating or drinking after midnight”)

You will also be scheduled for your HRA appointment where you will review your assessment and receive your certificate of completion.

IMPORTANT: You MUST complete the HRA questionnaire by clicking on the WellSource Login link at the top of this page If you need help with your login please call (772) 800-7350.

Can work physicals and HRA be combined with follow up visits?

No. They must be separate appointments to allow the provider enough time to accurately assess your needs and results.

Do you have medications on site and how do I get refills?

We have a variety of different medications in our formulary. Please call (772) 800-7350 to see if we stock the medication you need. The medication refill will be sent to a provider and you will be notified once it is filled either in office or sent to your requested pharmacy.

What is available to me by using the patient portal?
  • Send/receive messages to/from clinic staff including to/from your provider.
  • Receive lab or diagnostic test results, request a physician referral, request an appointment, Request a refill of your medications and you can also view/update your current medication list, demographic information, and login information.
Do we do X-rays?

X-rays can be done at Treasure Coast Urgent Care located at:
1050 SE Monterey Rd. Suite 101 Stuart FL, 34994

You do not need an appointment and can walk in with the X-ray order.  However it could save you time by calling ahead (772) 419-0560 to schedule the X-ray.

Hours for that location are:
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri –  8am to 6 pm
Wed – 8am to 7pm
Sat, Sun – 8am to 2pm


p. (772) 800-7350 | f. (772) 777-2832
2030 SE Ocean Blvd.  Stuart, FL 34996

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