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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read before contacting us.

Am I able to schedule an appointment?

Yes, with minimal wait time. You can call the office at (772) 872-7304 or request an appointment with using our Appointment Request Form.

Note: Online requests are not guaranteed. You will be contacted to confirm your request or discuss available times.

Do you carry medications? What kind do you carry?

We do carry medication, antibiotics and maintenance medication. Example of maintenance is blood pressure or cholesterol medications.

Do you offer X-rays?

Yes, we do X-rays on-site including orders you may need from another doctor or emergengies.

Do you draw labs in office?

Yes, we draw labs in office, including orders you may need from another office.

What is available to me online?

You are able to complete the following online account services:

  • Send/receive messages to/from clinic staff including to/from your provider.
  • Receive lab or diagnostic test results, request a physician referral, request an appointment, Request a refill of your medications and you can also view/update your current medication list, demographic information, and login information.
What is your policy for medication refills?

We do ask for 72 hours for approval and fill not including weekends. Please call at least 3-4 days before you are out of your medication(s).

Am I able to use your office for Primary Care or Urgent Care visits and/or services?

You may establish primary care with us and fill prescription medications as needed. You may also use our office for Urgent Care services  and receive medications as needed based on your visit.


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